• Quality Spanish language programs in the City of Eternal Spring

Real Spanish Immersion

A Spanish language school in the charming colonial city of Trujillo on the Pacific coast of Peru.  Here you will study Spanish in a friendly university city filled with cafes, restaurants, and culture.

The ideal environment to learn Spanish.  Staying with a welcoming local family, you will really live Spanish.

Quality programs & value for money

We provide the best Spanish immersion program around and at great rates.  All our programs include accommodation.

You will learn from great language teachers working to a structured syllabus to ensure raprid learning and a rounded uniderstanding of the Spanish language

More than a language school

As well as taking structured immersion programs with great teachers and living with lovely home stay families, our students also have the opportunity to gain much more from their stay in Trujillo.

All our students have the included option of free gym membership, free salsa classes or Yoga whilst participating on our programs.

More to Learn

Take advantage of the many learning opportunities and activities available in Trujillo at fantastic rates.  Perhaps you want to learn, Guitar, Piano, Tae Kwon Do, or Surfing.  These and many more activities can be learnt in group or in private classes.

Just let us know what you want to do and we will arrange it.

Why Peru Language School

  • Fun and lively classes

    By rotating your teacher each hour to focus on different elements of Spanish, classes are kept fun and interesting.

  • Free activities each week

    Each week we include a different free activity.  This may be cooking a local dish, learning to make cocktails or visiting museums in the city.

  • Competitive prices

    We offer quality structured Spanish immersion programs, where everything is designed to ensure your Spanish language skills advance as quickly as possible, and at a great price!

  • Friendly home stay families

    We work with welcoming families who often act as an extra school completing the immersion experience.

  • Quality Structured Classes

    Our programs are structured covering all elements of Spanish with conversation, grammar and vocabulary broken down into separate one hour sessions each day.

  • Professional Language Teachers

    Our team of language teachers are all qualified teaching professionals, able to teach both English and Spanish.

  • Gym membership & salsa school included

    You have a choice of membership of a quality gym or learning salsa at a dance studio for no extra cost.

  • A great city with great weather

    Trujillo is a colonial city on the pacific coast with great weather all year round. The ideal place to learn Spanish


Michael - USA

Every class used enjoyable, practical, and continually fresh approaches to engage students in learning…

Soren - Germany

Peru Language School offered me an experience beyond my expectations and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn Spanish in South America…

Andrea - USA

I attended Peru Language School in Trujillo for two weeks an could not have made a better choice.  In fact, I returned to the school for another two weeks after taking a week to travel to different parts of Peru…

Michael - Germany

Participate in the homestay program with local families – all very carefully selected by Peru Language School.  I had a fantastic family, which gave me a great opportunity to practice Spanish outside the classroom and learn about the Peruvian way of life…

Max - USA

If I could choose only one way I’ve benefited from Peru Language School, beyond giving me a solid foundation in Spanish and a caring, helpful support network, it’s that they helped me find my confidence as a Spanish speaker, which is not something easily gained…

Pim -The Netherlands

In short, living with one of the great host families, getting classes from Peruvian teachers and traveling and going out with fellow students was the Peruvian experience beyond all my expectations!…

Neal- USA

I was looking for a place in South America to do language school, and I found the perfect location in Peru Language School, Trujillo, Peru…

Fabienne - Switerland

The teachers were very flexible and went the extra mile by engaging all our senses.  I had a fantastic time in Trujillo!…