Talent shows

As you can see from this photo taken today outside one of the local universities, TV talent shows are alive and well in Peru.

The hundreds of people queuing are waiting for their auditions, in the hope of getting on the TV program Yo Soy.  Which is similar to Stars in their Eyes.

students in classroom

Finally! – A blog after 4 years!

Welcome to our new blog.

We have been around since 2010 and have now decided it was time to add a blog to our website, to let people know what is going on here at our language school and in Trujillo generally.

This year we have expanded our programs to include business Spanish and teachers Spanish as well as the general Spanish and medical Spanish programs we have always taught.  As well as taking just our language programs students also have the option of participating in internship programs at local healthcare and education organizations.

We will have more news soon regarding what is going on in Trujillo