General Spanish Programs

Our General Spanish programs are designed to provide you with a comprehensive learning package.

The program of 3 hours each day and is broken down into hourly modules, clearly separating conversation, grammar and vocabulary.

Teachers rotate Classes

Our language programs differ from most schools, in that our Spanish teachers change classes each hour.  This means that you will spend time with a different teacher each hour, ensuring that classes are always kept lively and fun.

Conversion takes place in our garden where students practice conversation as a group  group, together with one of our language teachers, who directs the conversation while identifying and correcting errors.

After the conversation class the grammar and vocabulary elements of the program take place in our classrooms where your teachers will use different teaching tools including games, role plays, videos and written exercises to ensure you learn as quickly as possible.


Our programs are offer at beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.  We work with a structured syllabus developed to ensure you develop a full understanding of the language.

Each complete program takes 4 weeks.  However, students can take just 2 weeks   Our programs begin on the first Monday of each month.  However, do let us know if you need to begin on another date.


Each week we offer a different free activities.  These include the preparing a local dish, cocktail making, and visiting local museums and sites of interest.

These activities are in addition to the free gym membership or salsa dance program included for all students.