Medical Spanish Programs

Medical Spanish language skills are increasingly important for many health care workers.  As well as being an important professional tool this skill can help open new work opportunities.  Our immersion program is the best around and the ideal way for health care professionals and students to really learn Spanish in a short period of time, and communicate in Spanish effectively in a health care environment and the wider world.

We are proud that our program has CME accreditation with The American Academy of Family Physicians.

Rotating Teachers

Our unique afternoon medical Spanish program includes 4 hours of classes focused on conversation, general vocabulary, general grammar and pure medical Spanish.  You will work with our team of professional language teachers who rotate each hour to ensure the classes remain lively and interesting.  Lots of roles plays and games are used by the teachers as well as videos and exercises.

Medical Spanish programs are run at beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. So you will only be working with others at your level. Whether you already have an undergraduate Spanish degree or are a complete beginner you are sure to quickly advance.

Each week a different activity takes place as part of our programs.  Activities include cooking a Peruvian dish, a salsa class, cocktail making, or visiting the city center.

Program Length

The full length for each level of our programs (beginners, intermediate and advanced) is 4 weeks, though you do have the option of taking a shortened program over 2 weeks or taking more than 4 weeks and continuing up to the next level

Please contact us at for information about our syllabus or any other aspect of our intensive medical Spanish programs

2 Weeks
20 hrs. medical Spanish per week
home stay accommodation
3 Weeks
20 hrs. medical Spanish per week
home stay accommodation
4 Weeks
20 hrs. medical Spanish per week
home stay accommodation

Medical Spanish Program with Healthcare Internships

 If you are interested in practicing your medical Spanish skills in a clinical environment in Peru as well as in the classroom, we also offer the option of clinical placements including a choice of hospitals and healthcare programs.  For more information please go to