• Trujillo Plaza de Armas

Some great reasons to study Spanish in Peru:

Great Spanish is spoken in Peru

Just like English, the Spanish spoken in different countries varies a lot from the accent to the use of local words. Peruvian Spanish is considered to be amongst the clearest around. This means that if you choose to study Spanish in Peru, you have one less obstacle in understanding and being understood in the language.

A beautiful and diverse country

Peru is fortunate enough to enjoy the amazing Amazon rain forest, the snow capped Andes mountain range and over 2000 km of Pacific beaches. This rich diversity makes for a fascinating experience, where you will see many unforgettable sights.

A historical adventure

Justifiably famous for the citadel of Machu Picchu and the Inca Empire, Peru is so much more.  Whether it is the incredible Nazca Lines, the adobe city of Chan Chan, Treking in the Andes of Huaraz, or Kuelap, considered by many to be the equal of Machu Picchu.

Eating Ceviche and drinking Pisco Sour 

Another reason to study Spanish in Peru is that the country is becoming increasingly well known around the world for its gastronomy.  A fantastic culinary fusion of the coast, the mountains and the jungle, our cuisine is also a reflection of the Peru´s rich cultural mix.  We have dishes drawing inspiration from our different cultures including those of Spain, China, Italy, West Africa and Japan.  Whilst you are here you will have a great opportunity to try a new world of cuisine.

Practicing Spanish with friendly locals

Despite its growing tourist industry Trujillo remains a working city and an ideal environment to learn Spanish.   You will find that English is rarely spoken around the City, other than by some of the many local students. (Trujillo has 5 universities)

 Learn Spanish at a reasonable cost

Trujillo is an inexpensive City.  The cost of living is considerably less than cities such as Lima and Cusco.