What our students say about us

Peru Language School has been a great experience for me. It has improved my Spanish as well as my confidence to speak it. There are a ton of benefits to coming here and I would recommend it to anyone looking to learn Spanish, especially my co-workers.

Trujillo is a beautiful place. The weather is outstanding, there is always something going on in the city, and it is close to a lot of activities. I have felt safe everywhere I have been, the people are friendly, gracious, and welcoming, and the school itself is in a great part of town.

The Peru Language School works with people with every level of Spanish. In our conversation classes, every level of student is together so you are able to listen to advanced speakers, but the topics are easy enough that beginners can add input. In grammar and vocabulary classes, the topics are relevant, the teachers are fun and the best part is that the teachers are understanding and dedicated to their students. Every teacher wants students here to be successful. They have been outstanding.

I have loved the cultural experiences in the school as well. There have been things for everyone and we have been able to see the city, meet people, and try a lot of new things. I really appreciate the work that goes into this place. It is professionally run, fun, clean, organized, and interactive. I want to thank everyone here!

¡Gracias por todo!

Jay Miller

Director of Camp Chrysalis

Cross Trails Ministry

Kerrville, TX USA

JayTexas, USA - January 2016

I found Peru Language School after looking at a number of alternative language schools.  Most schools offer classes that begin each Monday and working with one teacher.

What attracted me to the school was that they work to a structured syllabus and also rotate teachers for each hour of class.  I felt the structure would be a more rounded program and working with a team of teachers would keep my attention.

Happily, I made the right decision.  I spent 7 weeks at the school working with some great teachers, Elvis, Aida and Roberto, who together helped me develop my grammar, vocabulary, speaking and listening skills.

I feel that my Spanish has come on leaps and bounds over the past 6 weeks.  Previously I used the vocabulary I had to quickly try and express myself.  Peruvian friends tell me that I am now able to express myself much more clearly.  This comes from having a greater understanding of the language structure as well as the practice each afternoon in the classroom.

Another aspect of the program that I enjoyed was the opportunity to get to know other students from around the world.  This was further helped by the activities that take place every week at the school, whether it is preparing a local dish or taking dance classes.

If you have a few weeks available to you to choose a school with a structured program, then consider Peru Language School.  You will not be disappointed.

NicholasPhiladelphia, USA - January 2016

I attended the Peru Language School for four wonderful, well-invested weeks.  The School changed my ability to speak in Spanish from a stutter to be able to communicate confidently at a basic level that was measurable.  After three weeks I spent three remarkable days, participating in a variety of activities, living with a family of five, none of whom spoke English.

This occurred for multiple reasons.  First of all the professional standards implemented by the school matched the high caliber of students (physicians, medical students, dietitians and other health care professionals).  Further, every class used enjoyable, practical, and continually fresh approaches to engage students in learning and retaining what was learned.
The school and classes are highly organized yet geared for each individual. The facility is excellent. Staff are friendly and really go beyond the norm to make it a truly exceptional experience. I can’t say thank you enough for that.
The school offers a high value for the cost. Social activities included visits to museums, cafes, mountain villages and making cerviche.
The Peru Language School is one of my fondest educational experiences.

MichaelFrom USA - November 2015

I had a wonderful time in Trujillo and the teachers and other students of Peru Language School contributed a lot to my great experience. I took the Intermediate Spanish Programme and enjoyed very good one-to-one classes with a very friendly and helpful Spanish teacher in the morning and group conversation classes in the afternoon. Moreover, I enjoyed the combination of classes with other activities like cooking or trips to interesting places around the city. The classes are well structured, diversified and cover all aspect of the Spanish language. The teachers of the school are very likeable and competent in both Spanish and English. Furthermore, the school supports students regarding their travel plans and offers advice on interesting places.

The atmosphere at the school is very pleasant and I got to know interesting people from all over the world. I made many friends among them and we traveled through the country together, spent our free time together and tried a lot of delicious Peruvian food. Traveling together made my journey much more enjoyable and entertaining.

Another pleasant feature of the school is the homestay programme with local Peruvian families. I stayed with a very likeable and kind family and they became an important part of my journey. They showed me so much about Peruvian culture and food and I had lots of opportunities to practise my Spanish. They treated like a family member and I really at home staying with them.

Additionally, you can enjoy the nice weather of the “City of Eternal Spring” and the nearby Pacific Ocean.

The Peru Language School offered me an experience beyond my expectations and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn Spanish in South America.

SorenFrom Germany

I attended the Peru Language School in Trujillo for two weeks and could not have made a better choice. In fact, I returned to the school for another two weeks after taking a week to travel to a different part of Peru for work.

The owner of the school, Kevin, and his family are some of the warmest people I’ve met. Kevin cares very much about making sure that the experience is the best it can be, as does everyone else involved in the school. My teacher, Elvis, was very patient and clear in his instruction, answering all of my grammar questions and then some. Rosa, who runs the student center and is a wonderful chef, remembered which meal was my favorite and made it for me as a surprise one day.

Trujillo has a charming downtown center walking distance from the school (likely Kevin will take you to his favorite cafe there for coffee). And there are plenty of restaurants and activities near the school if you’re looking for social, fun things to do. I joined a gym a couple blocks away where I enjoyed inexpensive semi-private Pilates classes – a great way to work on your Spanish skills while getting some exercise.

Lastly and most importantly, as a female traveling by myself, I felt very safe and looked after. Kevin was at the airport waiting for me when I arrived in Trujillo; he went with me to the bus ticket office in case I ran into language complications when buying my ticket; and on my departure date, he took me to the bus station to make sure I got on the right bus safe and sound.

The Peru Language School is a wonderful experience!

Andrea G.From California, USA

I had Spanish classes for 5 weeks with Peru Language School in Trujillo in January 2015 and enjoyed my time there greatly. The school is in a very nice building in the upscale La Merced district with the possibility to have the lessons in either very large interior classrooms or on the outdoor garden terrace – the latter is particularly nice because Trujillo has almost always warm and sunny weather. The owner/director Kevin is very flexible and addressed my needs to advance my intermediate level with an attractive mix of individual conversation classes and group grammar lessons. In addition to straight teaching the school offers also a nice mix of combining lessons with fun activities such as cooking, dancing or short excursions. The very likeable teachers of Peru Language School are excellent and absolutely bilingual which I found very helpful when I was occasionally not able to comprehend somewhat challenging features of the Spanish language.

Also very nice is the possibility to participate in the homestay program with local families – all very carefully selected byPeru Language School. I had a fantastic family which gave me a great opportunity to practice Spanish outside the classroom and to learn also about the Peruvian way of live. Finally you also have the opportunity to meet amongst the other students interesting people from all over the world. I highly recommend Peru Language School.

DanielFrom Germany

I happened upon Peru Language School rather unexpectedly, and am fortunate for having found the program. I am a medical researcher doing work in Trujillo, and roughly a week before moving here I searched online for a Spanish course and discovered Peru Language School. I immediately benefitted from the language program, which is built around three courses (General Spanish, Medical Spanish, and a Community Health Course) structured on a rotational basis depending on students’ level of difficulty. The instructors—Cinthia, Rocky, and Elvis, respectively—tailor each class to students’ specializations and interests, creating a supportive learning environment conducive to building vocabulary and improving conversational skills rapidly. The General Spanish course filled in many gaps in my knowledge and helped develop my confidence as a Spanish-speaker, while the Medical Spanish and Community Health courses introduced me to various health challenges faced by residents of Trujillo’s developing districts, which was extremely valuable for my investigations.

In addition to the courses, the medical internship program provides a practical, cultural perspective towards life in Trujillo. I genuinely enjoyed participating in many of the extracurricular activities, whether that included learning about the local gastronomy, taking salsa dance lessons, or discovering Trujillo’s cultural history at museums in the historic district. Even more so, most of the students at Peru Language School are young professionals from various places throughout Europe, Australia, and the United States, so on top of learning Spanish and Peruvian culture, I also had the chance to share my experiences with some great people from around the world.

Trujillo is an exciting city to live in, replete with all the modern conveniences one would expect, while also offering opportunities to discover diverse ways of life. The school is located near three of Trujillo’s universities, and has a college-town vibe. I elected to live in a homestay with a Peruvian family, which was also really helpful for improving my conversational Spanish. My Peruvian parents were tremendously warm and hospitable, and since their children were around my age, the entire household embraced me as a member of the family. There are other options available in terms of living arrangements, but I would strongly recommend going with the homestay option.

Overall, my experience with Peru Language School was enormously favorable. I’m still living in Trujillo working on my research, and Kevin and the instructors are always quick to welcome me back to relax, enjoy a meal, and meet new students. If I could choose only one way I’ve benefited from Peru Language School, beyond giving me a solid foundation in Spanish and a caring, helpful support network, it’s that they helped me find my confidence as a Spanish speaker, which is not something easily gained. I would recommend this organization to any student or professional interested in improving their Spanish in a great and supportive learning environment.

MaxFrom USA

I visited Peru in order to conduct my Msc. Thesis research. My level of Spanish was just slightly above zero (Hola, dos cervezas por favor!), but in order to obtain my research data I planned interviews with local people. The consequence was that I had to learn Spanish very quick, so I decided to take classes in the Spanish Language school for five weeks, individual lessons in the mornings and group lessons in the afternoon. Besides that, I lived with one of the friendly host families that are connected to the school.

I came alone to Trujillo without knowing anyone, but because I lived with a very hospitable Peruvian family I felt immediately at ease and got to know a lot of people quickly in Trujillo.  Also the teachers in the school were very helpful, of course in teaching Spanish, but they also helped me to get used to the Peruvian way of living. The Thursday afternoon classes were always reserved to learn about the customs from Peru, which often meant cooking classes and a lot of fun.

In the weekends I often traveled to other places with my fellow students, ate in nice restaurants, or tried to surf in the ocean. Trujillo is not as huge as Lima, so everything is more tranquilo, but it offers everything you want and need, from cinemas to local dance bars!

One of the big advantages for me was that the school was very flexible, in consultation with the teachers a lot is possible. No matter what your level of Spanish is, they will adjust the program to your desires and needs. Besides that, they even helped me with my research, that had nothing to do with the school.

In short, living with one of the great host families, getting classes from Peruvian teachers and traveling and going out with fellow students was the Peruvian experience beyond all my expectations!

PimFrom The Netherlands

I was looking for a place in South America to do language school, and I found the perfect location in Peru Language School, Trujillo, Peru. I stayed 4 weeks, and payed for 1-on-1 spanish tutoring each day. the 2 teachers i worked with were wonderful. They typically work with students starting at very basic levels. But when i began at an intermediate level, they teacher immediately swapped out her normal curriculum to work on my main goals of conversation and speaking.

The home stay was a great addition, with a very friendly family and lots of opportunities to use my spanish during the evening and nights. Overall, i had an excellent time and would highly recommend it for anyone interesting in language school

NealFrom USA

My son and I took a two week Spanish language course at the Peru language school in Trujillo in January 2014. Everything about the course was perfect. Kevin was very helpful and arranged a teacher for us very quickly. Our teacher, Merlin, was wonderful.

She made the lessons very interesting for my son and we had such a fun time learning together, I never thought I would go to school with my eleven year old son and enjoy it so much! We learnt a lot in two weeks which had helped us immensely during our travels in Peru. Muchas gracias!

Anne PasseraFrom Wales

The teachers were very flexible and went the extra mile by engaging all of our senses. I had a fantastic time in Trujillo!

Sehr persönlicher und individueller Unterricht mit einem abwechslungsreichen Programm. Ich hatte eine super Zeit in Trujillo!

FabienneFrom Switzerland

When I typed Peru Language Schools into Google back in the UK, the one result that came back which stuck in my mind was the Trujillo Language School. Not only was the price the most reasonable out of found results, but the city in question seemed to be a good introduction into the lifestyle of Peru and the immediate response of Kevin was very encouraging. Once I had spoken to him via email, I realised the school was now mainly for medical students but this did not bother me and after sorting out dates I was sent an intensive and very helpful welcome pack regarding when to travel, what to bring, and general information regarding the city and what it has to offer.

This entire experience has been exactly what I was hoping for and more. The host family I was put with, after consideration of my interests re: music and zero Spanish, was fantastic. The mum, Piquita, was so friendly and susceptive of the food I liked, things I liked doing, and encouraged me to feel completely at home which I did.

The Spanish lessons have been incredibly helpful, being one on one tuition, and I have also found that my teacher has tried to plan every class to make me benefit the most from the experience. From encouraging me to speak in Spanish, to picking subjects that focus on my interests.

The medical students I have also been here with have been wonderful. At no point have I felt left out due to not being a med student. I really feel as if I have made long friends here.

Finally, the staff at the general centre are what makes this program so special. I have found that the constant contact and flexible attitude has made me settle in very fast and feel as if this is somewhere I could come back to in the future. The centre is lovely, very tranquil which has been helpful when I have been working, and the nearby beach at Huanchacho is one of the best-brilliant for surfing or in my case, sunbathing.

I would recommend this program to anyone who wanted to learn Spanish whilst being immersed in another culture.

Ngaio Anyia From Bristol, UKwww.facebook.com:ngaioanyia