Known as the city of Eternal spring for its mild year round climate, Trujillo is the 3rd largest city in Peru with a population of about 800,000.  A Spanish colonial city with a rich history, it was first inaugurated in 1534. It was briefly home to Simon Bolivar and the first Peruvian City to declare its independence from Spain.

Whilst the historic center of the City is home to many colonial mansions and churches, it is also a changing city with many of the features of a modern city including modern shopping malls, and a varied nightlife.  In the center of the city and also close to our school there are many restaurants, bars and cafes offering a wide variety of cuisine.

Trujillo is the educational center of Northern Peru, boasting 5 large universities and many smaller colleges.

For some ideas of places to visit and where to eat in the city, please see a guide we have recently began putting together.

Getting Here

The 50 minute flight from Lima is served by 3 airlines LC Peru, Avianca and Lan

Generally you will find the best prices with  who normally charge $80 to $100 for a round trip.

What to see and do

After investigating the city there is plenty more to keep you busy when not in class.

Huanchaco is considered to be a surfers paradise with several surf schools. The beachfront is packed with seafood restaurants selling the catch of the day.  For serious surfers we also have Chicama nearby with one of the longest waves in the world.

The city has a small ballet company and classical music orchestras.  The weekends offer lots of opportunity to hear live music or visit clubs.

Another activity popular with students is sand boarding on huge sand dunes just 20 minutes from the city center.  If you enjoy horsing, horseback riding is available as well as seeing caballos de paso.

On the edge of the city lies the UNESCO world heritage site Chan Chan, the largest Pre-Columbian city in South America.  Other sites built by the same Moche culture were Las huacas del Sol and La Huaca del sol, which was recently designated one of the 10 most important archaeological sites in the world.

One hour outside of Trujillo you are climbing up to the Andes mountains and will soon reach the charming town of Otuzco with famous religious icon, La Virgin de la Puerta.

Further Afield

The North of Peru has many wonderful attractions and destinations to visit.  Students often use their weekends to visit these including:

Mancora and the surrounding area has the best beaches in Peru, and the small town stays buy all year round with tourists from Peru and around the world staying at the numerous hotels ranging from budget to high end.

Huaraz with its snow capped  glaciers and fantastic hiking Huascaran National Park is a draw for serious walkers and mountain climbers coming to Peru.   Give yourself a day to acclimatize to the altitude.

Surrounded on each side by mountains, Cajamarca is  great place for a weekend.  The town has tons of history, as was the place where the invading Spaniards kills the last Inca emporer, Atahuallpa Lots of morning tour options exists to visit outlying areas such as the amazing rock formations at Cumbemayo.

  • Mancora

    Mancora beach huts
  • Machu Picchu

    Machu Picchu
  • Cajamarca

    Cajamarca main square
  • Huaraz

    Huaraz Laguna